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CeHS Cheer/Pom Clinics and Tryouts 24-25 Season

Thank you for you interest in being part of the 2024-2025 CeHS Spiritline Teams. 
We are so thrilled to get started and cannot wait to meet you all very soon.  
Please follow the steps in order to get cleared and be able to attend clinics in May.  As you read though each of the documents provided, please write down any questions you might have.  We will have a Q and A during our first tryout info meeting on March 27th at 6pm 
Step 1: Complete RMA account and review season info
Please make sure that you are using the correct AIA physical form.  All new athletes to our program must have a updated physical on file and it must be dated March 1st 2024 and after.  If you did get a new one prior to that date please note you will need to get another.  All returning athletes and current cehs students that have played another sport at CEHS you are good to use your 2023-2024 physical but will need to have a new one posted by July 1st 2024 in order to stay on the summer team.  If you need help with setting up your RMA account, please reach out to Coach G.  Contact info is on the top left of this website. We strongly advise you review the season info prior to meeting on Wednesday March 27th 

Step 2 Join our Band App and Complete Application
Please make sure that you are part of our Band App. We will be posting important details and info for the new season.  All athletes (Not Parents) need to complete the application process.   Every Friday, I will be sending an update and posting in the Band App. 

Step 3 Complete the paperwork prior to Clinics
We will not need the following until the week of clinics.  You are more than welcome to print and bring with you to the parent meeting on Wed. March 27th.  We will also have copies for everyone as you walk in.  

Step 4 Teacher Evaluations 
We are asking that each athlete have a total of Four Teacher Evaluations.  Please note, we will only accept four of them and this is part of the tryout scores.  I will also update and post in band as we receive them so you can keep track which teachers have completed them.   Please keep in mind, this will take about 5 mins to do per teacher.  You might want to get a head start on this and please do not wait until the last minute.  You can copy and paste the link and email them to teacher to complete.  We have also provided an example email you can use as a template if you choose to. We are asking that 3 of the 4 evaluation be core classes. 

Reminder that we will have an informational meeting on Wednesday March 27th at 6pm in room 500.  All parents and athletes are encouraged to attend and meet the coaches as well as learn about new changes for the 24-25 season. 


Tryout Material

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