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Cheers and Chants  

***Please look over the videos posted and start to review the cheers we have taught. Also, please make sure you are practicing the FIGHT SONG; both versions (Cheer and Pom) have been posted as well.***

Fight Song - Pom Version

"Hold that LINE"

"Push 'Em, Sack 'Em"

"Sack, that Quarterback"

Fight Song - Cheer Version

"Take that ball away defense"

"Go, Go, Go Coyotes Go"

"Defense, Push 'Em Back
(Hold that Line)"

"Coyotes, Spell It Out G-O"

"C'Mon, C'Mon Lets Go"

"Take It Away Defense"

TD Touchdown

If You Wanna Win This Game

Move That Ball

Coyotes, The Best (front)

Score Offense Score

Here We Go

Hey! Whose Gonna Win This Game

Coyotes, The Best (back)

Scream and Shout

Run It Down The Field Again

Go Big Blue

Coyotes Attack 'em Hey!

Coyotes, Let's Fight


Fight Song (Back Version) 

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